Why Is Handgun Ammo So Scarce

9mm ammo is the most commonly used caliber today in self-defense handguns. Mostly it is because of magazine capacity. The smaller cartridge lets you put more shells …

I was able to stock up on ammo before the last election. I think I have at least 5k rounds of .22lr. It will get the job done, you are right on that one.

Q. What is the history behind the development of the .223/5.56mm round? Q. What is the difference between 5.56×45mm and .223 ammo?

Why the hell is it so hard to find good 22LR ammo? – Ruger … – Feb 09, 2013  · Why the hell is it so hard to find good 22LR ammo? This is a discussion on Why the hell is it so hard to find good 22LR ammo? within the Ammo …

I was at a gun show today and I was sold this Ammo, 32 Long 7,65 French .The guy told me it was the same as 32Long S/W . Well it did not work.

Jun 7, 2014 … Handgun and rifle ammunition has been hard to find at times. .22 long rifle … Mark Nale: Seeking answers to why rimfire ammunition is so hard to find … stores still have problems filling their shelves. .22LR ammo is scarce.

Ammunition was at a scarce, prices were ridiculously high, and retailers did not have a … Give them a try and see why we have so many repeat customers.

These underrated handgun cartridges aren’t mentioned in general discussion about handgun ammo, and that’s a shame. They have a lot to offer.

Buffalo Bore handgun ammo is loaded in new Starline™ brass cases, and exudes ….. Why is most ammunition so scarce now and the store shelves so empty.

Jan 10, 2001  · I’ve always been skeptical of the "SMG" designation (although I believe HK touts thier P7 ‘Squeeze Cocker’ as a handgun that can handle SMG loads, so I …

– Obama to ban bullets via executive action; lawmakers, NRA scurry …Feb 26, 2015 … At issue is the so-called “armor piercing ammunition” exemption. … round has ever been fired from a handgun at a police officer,” Goodlatte's letter said. … an effect — AR-15 “green tip” ammo is getting scarce and expensive.

– Obama, via ATF, looking to ban ammo (Jordan Sigler's Blog …Feb 26, 2015 … The Obama administration couldn't outright ban the AR-15, so he's trying to … and slowly drain the weapons muster by making the ammunition scarce. … Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have decided to propose a ban on …

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