Speer Lawman .40 S&w Ammo Review

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– Speer Lawman .40 S&W 180 Grain TMJ FN 53652 Ammo – Bulk AmmoSpeer Lawman .40 S&W 180 Grain TMJ FN Ammo – 50 Rounds per Box. Train with ammunition that gives you the feel, performance and edge you need when …

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45 Gap Ammo Ballistics Dec 19, 2003 … Interestingly, the Speer Lawman .45 GAP ammo functioned perfectly … and the G29 is a great combo of wonderful 10mm ballistics and size. The .45 GAP can, and does. duplicate the ballistics of the .45 ACP. … A good variety of factory ammunition was available with bullet weights of 185, 200

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Speer Ammunition Lawman 40 S&W 165 Grain Lawman TMJ FN Handgun Ammo – The TMJ bullets fired from the Lawman are completely … Post a Review.

50 Rounds of Discount 165gr TMJ .40 S&W Ammo For Sale by Speer online at … Be the first to review this product … Speer, one of our nation's most respected ammunition companies, has been offering the Lawman series of ammunition for …