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Jun 10, 2011 … That being my thinking, if I feel the need for more than a .45 ACP or .357, …… Found the Winchester Silver Tip to be the best in the 3" Magnum and …. Otherwise, 44 Magnum is powerful enough for even bears out to 100 yards.

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15 hours ago … I bought the ammo to practice with, as I found the Silver Bear that I was … .40. reman ammo, 223 ammo, 5.56 ammo, 45 acp ammo, 556 ammo.

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That is a line from this New York Times story on the amount of ammunition the Aurora shooter had been able to obtain. I was a Marine. While I never saw combat, many of those with whom I served did. None of them were ever issued anything close to that …

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Silver bear was the second ammo I ran through my AR. I have been very impressed with it. The only complaint so far is when I rapid fire there is a very strong burnt …

1911 MAX in .45 ACP, Sig Sauer part number 1911-45-MAXM. The Sig Sauer 1911-45-MAXM 1911 MAX Pistol .45 ACP 5in 8rd Reverse Duo Tone. Competition pistol …

As the others deal with the beachgoer, who has returned, Nate and I take off to his car, where he removes from the depths of his trunk a silver handgun with a wooden … “And then case law says that ammo next to the gun is not considered loaded.

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Jan 10, 2013 … I realize Silver Bear is just Zinc coated steel……the lubricity of the Zinc … too many human interaction problems that can't be fixed with a .45 ACP …