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Product reveiw on the Herter's 9mm aluminum case ammunition. – Page 1. … While I hand load 90% of the rifle and pistol ammo I shoot, there is some I do not. For example, my … and "Is this weak like the Russian steel case stuff?". I decided I …

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Federal AmmunitionFederal HST LE 9mm Luger Ammo 124 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point … Polyformance 7.62x39mm Ammo 123 Grain FMJ Steel Case.

– RIFLE-COMPANY.COM • View topic – Tulammo 9mm ammo reviewAt 13-15 bucks a box for brass case 9mm, and my son is always bugging me for … The orginal WWII P38's could fire steel or brass case ammo so lets see how the …. Steel cases won't do that, and gasses escape into the gun.

Aug 11, 2011  · Cheap steel case ammo or more expensive brass ammo Firearms General Discussion

Jul 11, 2012 … Another new steel-case cartridge that would be bound shortly for our shores is the zinc-coated 9mm Kurz or .380. … Zinc-coated steel-cased .380 ammunition; Steel-cased 6.5 Grendel; Ammo in pressure gun; Test-firing …

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The BDC Gun Room Indoor Shooting Range sells its own range ammunition. We sell quality re-manufactured 9mm, 40sw and 45ACP, made right here in … Prohibited Ammunition: All steel case (Tula, Wolf, surplus), “green tip”, armor piercing, …

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9mm Vs 45 Acp Ammo Cost Sep 30, 2014 … The fact that FBI shooters prefer the Luger 9mm as basis for an FBI study … 9mm Luger offers higher magazine capacities, less recoil, lower cost … ammo performs the same as .40 S&W or .45 ACP in ballistics gel tests. Sep 25, 2014 … Given the above realities and the
Remington 38 Special Ammo Remington 38SPL 148gr TMWC Target Handgun Ammo -Practice makes perfect and nothing prepares you better than Remington Target. Consistency, accuracy and iron … Find great deals on eBay for remington 38 ammo . Shop with confidence. Remington UMC .38 Special 125 Grain +P Semi Jacketed Hollow Point L38S2 Ammo – 50 Rounds per Box. Remington's

Jul 6, 2014 … Have shot thousands of rounds of Blazer 9mm aluminum case, nary a … Wouldn't surprise me if the same ranges ban steel case as well. elb

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Remington Umc 10mm Ammo Review The Armory stocks 10mm ammo for sale in single boxes or buy cheaper in bulk and save … Buy This 10mm Auto 180gr MC Remington UMC Box Ammo for Sale. AMERICAN QUALITY AMMO 10mm 180gr FMJ 250/box, $0.35/rd, $87.99, Graf & Sons …. 10mm Auto – 180 gr MC- Remington UMC- 50 Rounds – $25.75 …

Jul 27, 2013 … To: KeyLargo. Is 7.62×39 with the steel case good to shoot through an AK47 or an SKS? …. I have purchased Russian 9mm rounds in the past.

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