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Feb 22, 2011 … The Special Forces, generally known as “Spetsnaz” (after the Russian term “ Voiska Spetsialnogo Naznacheniya” – Special Purpose Troops), …

Where to buy … Golden Tiger Ammunition is now accepting new distributors. … Cartridge Plants, Vympel Ammo Importer, Amursk Russia, 9mm Luger, 9mm, …

Jul 15, 2014 … Surplus Ammo is a great option for shooting some of the best guns ever made. … Not so very long ago, you could buy as much surplus ammo as you could store for less …. I'm also interested in Nazi WW2 9mm ammo cases.

Russian 9mm Ammo Review – Dan's Sporting Goods Ammo PageAmmunition For Sale. … "Best Prices on The Internet", Ammunition, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Home · Ammunition For Sale · Firearms For Sale · Sales Policies …

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Steel or brass, 9mm or .45. … New 9mm Ammo at Walmart – SIG Talk … Unless you have some fancy match gun or know it dont like it buy some and try …. I believe the Perfecta is similar–not Russian, but just imported by them.

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Best 10mm Ammo For Black Bear Firstly, will your standard carry gun be the best choice? … in the past I have also carried a Kimber Custom II Eclipse™ in 10mm, a Glock® 32 in .357 SIG, … Here in central Ohio, we aren't much in danger of attack from black bears or cougars. … up by six rounds of Buffalo


Russian Surplus 7.62x25mm (Corrosive) 2520 Rounds … Canadian IVI 9mm Blank Rounds 960 … 7.5 x 55 Swiss Ammo, 240-rounds 175-Grain FMJ (Surplus) .

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Mar 8, 2014 … Finally, it's also for you Mrs ammo reseller who makes daily trips to all. … The “ demand” is created when these sellers buy all of the 22LR at retail … Recently there was a rumor that Russia was cutting off all shipments of ammo to the US. …. I can also direct you to plenty of 9mm ammo in bulk at good prices.

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