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Perfecta 9mm Luger ammo 115gr FMJ. .97 per box of 50. Made in Italy. Bought a few hundred rounds to try it out.

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All ammo is manufactured to SAMMI and NATO Specifications! This sale is for 1000rds of GECO 9MM 115gr FMJ. 20 boxes of 50. This is brass case, boxer …

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9mm Luger +P +P+ Pistol and Handgun Bullets Field Proven pistol and … All Buffalo Bore 9mm +P and +P+ ammunition is loaded with flash …. Your Rating: 1 2

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9mm Standard Pressure Ammo Test X 4 – What ammo to use in M&P Shield? – Smith And Wesson ForumsI've recently bought an M&P Shield in 9mm. I believe it has a 3.1" barrel. What bullet weight is recommended to use in these smaller pistols?

Anybody use this ammo in their Glock 9mm? … Or is it only due to the +P+ rating? … +P+ rating and a 50 round box makes it their LE line.

Sep 07, 2014  · ZQI Ammo breakdown… … Green Tip Armor Piercing – Steel Core Ammo – ZQ1 Armor Penetration Comparison – Duration: 7:56.

The best 9mm ammo for your particular pistol will be one that works reliably. … for increased velocity (1300 fps), the Federal 9BPLE carries a +P+ rating.

Handgun Ammo Test – Shooting The Bull | We Bullieve in dispelling Bulloney.May 9, 2015 … I have spent an absurd amount of time, and money, and effort, on testing ammo, trying to find what performs best from my various firearms, … May 19, 2015 … "The OFTP AOB tests and evaluates most of the Department's ammunition and firearms

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