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Nov 13, 2013 … Liberty Ammunition high-performance, lead-free ammo in 9mm, .40, … Available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .380 Auto, Liberty's high-performance ammunition has … Velocity: >2,000 fps >2,000 fps >1,900 fps >1,500 fps.

Armscor Precision High Velocity Rimfire Ammunition A22HVHP, 22 Long Rifle, Hollow Point (HP), 36 GR, 1255 fps, 50 Rd/bx

Shotgun shells, centerfire rifle ammunition, centerfire pistol ammunition, … This makes your 200 dollar shotgun into something that can out preform high end …

Mar 12, 2012 … I'd frame it as what's the most powerful and reliable ammo you can … Winchester Ranger-T in .380 (High velocity and widest expansion, but …

Yes, the 9mm and .380 are the rounds I most often see on the autopsy table, ….. With high velocity bullets, such as with rifles, the picture changes dramatically.

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– HPR Ammunition at The 2015 Texas Firearms Festival. Come and …Sep 8, 2015 … HPR Black Ops Ammo (courtesy hprammo.com) … of handguns and rifles in a variety of calibers: from .380 to 9mm to 300 Blackout and beyond! … Conversely, HPR's .357 load is a high velocity round, utilizing a slow-burning …

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Long rifle high velocity CI 22 long rifle cartridges. Rimfire cartridges made by CI of Mexico. Non-corosive priming, smokeless powder and anti-leading lubrication.

Cor-Bon 380 Self Defense ammo is the perfect ammo for your Ruger LCP or other … defense 380 ammunition is a continuation of Cor-Bon's line of high velocity …

Jul 26, 2010 … The demand for 380 ACP ammunition and pistols is now greater than ever, as more and … Ammunition, Bullet Weight, Velocity … For high performance 380 ammunition, go to www.cor-bon.com and www.buffalobore.com.

– Super-X – Winchester AmmunitionTitle. logo. Proven Accuracy; Positive Functioning; No Barrel Leading; High Velocity … WC3801, 380 Automatic, 95, Plinking Target. WC401, 40 Smith & Wesson …

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Difference Between .380 And .38 Special Ammo Feb 21, 2013  · Originally Posted By SevenMMmag: that’s what most people recommend. 38 wadcutters will cut and destroy more tissue than ball, and will still … Handgun Ammo Recoil Chart Jul 15, 2014 … Find out how to measure relative handgun recoil with a Ransom … and .45 ACP ammunition shows that it can, and

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Remington Umc Bulk 9mm Ammo Get all of the ammo you need for months with Remington UMC Handgun Ammunition (Bulk). The high quality you receive when you turn to a trusted brand name like this is … Bulk Ammo | 9MM Ammo | .223 Ammo | .45 ACP Ammo | 7.62×39 Ammo |.40 S&W Ammo | 5.7×28 Ammo | 5.56