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– How hot can I load 38 special for 357 gun? – HuntingNet.com ForumsI was given a bunch of 38 special brass, 158 XTP bullets and Unique powder. I have a 357 mag and want to load some heavy 38 special rounds to … 38 special gun or you will likely blow it up, Even it its rated for plus p loads.

May 29, 2011 … These handguns are the Smith & Wesson model 637 in .38 Special, the … with a similarly sized semi-automatic pistol in 9mm, 40 S&W or .45 ACP. … We don't know how heavy the pull was because neither I nor the … ammo I found five rounds of MagTech .38 special +P semi-jacketed hollow point ammo.

The.38 Special was the standard service cartridge of most police departments in … It is most commonly used in revolvers, although some semi-automatic pistols and … and fixed sights intended for police use, the Smith & Wesson .38/44 Heavy Duty. … This ammunition was intended to prolong the life of S&W M12 and Colt …

Buffalo Bore Ammunition 38 Special 158 Grain Lead Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point Box of 20

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Specifications; Caliber.38 S&W Special +P: Capacity: 5 Rounds: Action: Double Action Only: Barrel Length: 1.9” Front Sight: Black Ramp: Rear Sight: Integral …

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This 4 inch heavy barrel pistol is in almost new condition. … Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB DA Revolver Caliber: 38 Special Barrel: 4" Note: This is a very clean and smooth Model 10 HB from the Pinkerton Security …. Seller: Elk County Ammo and Arms …. Smith & Wesson Model 10 4" Classic Blued .38 Special +P 150786.

Smith & Wesson Airweight: 642 LADYSMITH .38 Special+P 163808 … But there's no reason to shoot lots of hot, duty-type ammo through this small revolver. The gun's purpose is simple- it was designed to save your life in an emergency. … Although the revolver sports a heavy double action trigger, it remains safe in all ….

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These underrated handgun cartridges aren’t mentioned in general discussion about handgun ammo, and that’s a shame. They have a lot to offer.

.223 55 Grain Wolf HP Steel Case 1000 Rounds: 55 Grain Wolf Performance H.P. 20 to a box, 500rd case. You will get 2 cases for 1000 rounds. $295.00

– The Snubby's Dirty Little Secret | LooseRounds.comOct 1, 2014 … If we do need a gun, we probably won't have to fire it. … That makes a short barrel .38 Special a very reasonable choice. … Loaded with modern JHP ammunition, both 9mm and .45 perform very … The load that I've tested that does work well is the Buffalo Bore 158 gr LSWCHP +P. Otherwise known as the …

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