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Glock Gen 4 Model 31: The high-performance .357 sig is characterized by extremely high … Ammo Used – 100 Rounds of MBI 124 grain FMJ. External image.

TG-25  My Review of the Glock 31 and 357 sig Round – Why the 357 sig Cartridge is catching on – adjunct.diodon349.comJun 13, 2008 … It's fairly easy to load "new" 357 SIG ammo to headspace on the case mouth. … Ed Sanow stated, "The Glock 31 (4.5" barrel) firing 357 SIG …

– Where's the Love–.357 Sig | Gun NewsNov 18, 2013 … The .357 Sig is a fairly recent cartridge, developed in 1994. … It was developed in 1994 by Sig Sauer in conjunction with Federal Ammunition Company. …. One of the most accurate handguns I ever shot was a Glock 31.

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Because you requested it, Buffalo Bore is now producing two full power 357 Sig. loads. … (The same thing happened with the original 10MM) The 357 Sig. was designed to blast a 125gr. bullet at 1,425 FPS out … Glock 33 3.5 inch barrel 4500 ft elevation 50F baro 29.90 74% humidity. … Andrew Zeh on 03/31/2009 10: 03am.

Winchester USA Ammunition 357 Sig 125 Grain Full Metal Jacket

– .357 Sig [Archive] – Professional Soldiers ®[Archive] .357 Sig Ammo Talk. … I run a standard length Glock-31 barrel, that turns 2350fps with the BMT CQB ammunition that penetrates 1/4 …

Products 1 – 50 of 51 … Result Pages: Sort Products By. Product Name (Ascending) · Price · Glock Model 31 Gen 4 Pistol PG3150201, 357 Sig Sauer, 4.49 in, Black …

I just got a glock 32 in .357 sig, I've shot 50 rounds through two … Certain brands of ammo may work and certain magazines may work better than ….. I have read many threads about the Glock 31-33 models and FTF issues, …

Basically, how controllable is the .357 sig compared to the .45? … with a G31 or G32, or a Sig P229, P226, or P239 chambered in .357. …. Only have shot the . 357sig out of a compact Glock. ….. They don't seem to make many bullets, they generally use other bullets in their ammo, and with good results.

Best .38 Special Ammo For Snub Nose Kimber debuted their new K6S stainless steel .357 snubby at the 2016 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas this week. In a departure from the new trend … This load is among the most respected personal defense loads in 38 Special. … than most (factory velocity of 900 fps), and it expanded at

Glock magazines for sale. Remember without a mag your glock is just a single shot!