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During my range sessions I did some make shift ammunition tests to see … the Winchester PDX1 or either Corbon example with confidence.

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20 round box – 380 Auto 90 Grain JHP Corbon Hollow Point Ammo … Home → Catalog → Pistol Ammo For Sale → 380 Auto Ammo. 20 round box …

Ammo Quest .380: CorBon DPX 80gr ammo test thru ballistics gel & denim – New 22 Mag Critical Defense, or 380 Pocket Auto? [Archive] – The …On Hornaday's website, they say about their new 22 Magnum ammo: …. I would buy a 9mm that's the same general size as the .380. … pocket 380 that carries 6+ 1 in either 90 grain Speer Gold Dot HP or 90 grain CorBon HP.

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Jul 8, 2014 … Tom McHale gives a rundown of his top 10 self-defense ammo go-tos. … If you carry a .380 ACP, consider the 90-grain Bonded Defense offering. They're not cheap, … Of particular interest, check out the CorBon 125-grain DPX load. …. OK, so you have to buy 1 box of defense ammo per year for your gun.

Feb 7, 2008 … Old Granpa's Comments's on DoubleTap .380 ammo … 380 Wetpack Tests with Bersa (includes Corbon DPX) … MidwayUSA Ammo For Sale

Goldfarmer said: "after receiving the TulAmmo 380 ACP Ammo I went out to do a little targer shooting and before finishing one box my Ruger LCP 380 jamed whin ejecting …

Deadliest 9mm Handgun Ammo Our 9MM Luger 100 Grain Frangible (lead free) is designed for indoor and … built to provide accuracy, dependability and safety (eliminating dangerous ricochet) … Jan 24, 2005  · Shotgun Stopping Power? The Dave McCracken Memorial Shotgun Forum Shooting the wrong ammunition in your firearm is extremely dangerous. … will get more proficient with this action. .380's

Some simply trust the gun shop person's decision on ammunition selection and walk out secure … they are now capable of protecting themselves with the “best' ammunition money can buy. … This .44 Special Corbon expanded nicely using a Hornady 180-gr. … Yet another officer was hit from the side with a .380 ACP 95-gr .

Cor-Bon 380 Self Defense ammo is the perfect ammo for your Ruger LCP or other small frame semi-auto handgun. … Cor-Bon 380 JHP. Availability: …

Aug 31, 2011 … With the price of .380 ammo also decreasing it's a good time to buy. The LCP is …. I was curious about the Corbon ammunition. Isn't that Plus …

Manufacturer: Corbon: Condition: New: Bullet Weight: 80 Grain: Bullet Type: DPX: Use Type: Range Training: Ammo Casing : Quantity: 20: Ammo Caliber: 380 Automatic …

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Corbon DPX Ammunition DPX38080 380 ACP For Sale – Corbon DPX Ammunition DPX38080, 380 ACP, Deep Penetrating X Bullet, 80 GR, 1050 fps, 20 Rd/bx

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