Cci Blazer .38 Special Ammo

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Jul 20, 2010  · Jug Test and Water Expansion Test of the 200 Gr. Gold Dot JHP Ammo by CCI Blazer in .44 Special

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CCI 3519 BLAZER ALUMINIUM .38 SPECIAL 158GR TMJ+P. 50/1000. 66,00. 33 ,00. 583522. CCI 3522 BLAZER AMMO .38 SPEC. 158GR L-RN 50/1000.

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I have a box of Blazer .38+P and believe that's a middle ground between … nose 38 special for practice or the 158 gr full jacket reloaded ammo from the range I shoot at. … For practice I like the CCI Blazer 158 gr hollow points., bulk ammo sold by the case at the best lowest prices for sale anywhere online