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Blazer Ammunition Ballistics. Round, Type, Weight, Muzzle Energy ft·lb, Muzzle Velocity ft/sec. 38 Special, LRN, 158, 200, 755. 38 Special +P, FMJ, 158, 253 …

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo … students who are having trouble rounding up handgun ammunition. "I have not had any cancel, but one of the students went to Gene Taylor’s and bought a .38 special but could not get any ammo anywhere in town," Hardrick said.

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This time, Iā€™m using pocket sized handguns and new ammunition products. My tests revealed a trend … every law enforcement officer should have one. If .38 Special is the caliber of choice, the lightweight ones require a specific strategy.

Smc 9mm Ammo Rifle and Pistol Ammo. Pistol Rounds. 9mm Ammo Variations … Left to Right: 1) . 17 HM2; 2) .17 HMR; 3) .22LR; 4) .22 WMR; 5) .17 SMc; 6) 5mm/35 SM4; 7) .22 … Feb 12, 2016 … [email protected] NEWS RELEASE. Incident Date and Time: … well as a loaded 9mm pistol and a box of

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Aug 28, 2013 … Over the years, things kind of settled down and now all compatible ammo is called 38 Special, although many variations of bullet weights and …

You do not survive such a job and get to pass on your genes by being the shy, retiring type. Similarly, the … Where you might have five shots of .38 Special, you can have six shots of .327. (Hmm, perhaps a medium-size wheelgun with seven or eight …

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There is a misconception that the .38 Special is an adequate defensive caliber, yet the … Both bullets are equal in bullet diameter, the 9mm case is about 3/8 of an inch shorter … Round, Type, Weight, Muzzle Energy ft·lb, Muzzle Velocity ft/ sec.

It’s causing a scarcity in some types of ammunition. At the Aim-Hi shooting range in New Albany, shelves are normally stacked with boxes of bullets. But there are some sizes they can’t keep in stock — .38 special, .45 auto and others. The store has had …

38 with extended slide and severe grip angle … pounds and on both Nambus a featherlight two pounds. Our chosen ammo for the 1911A1 was Black Hills 230-grain .45 ACP hardball. For the Type 14s, we used Buffalo Arms Co. 85-grain 8mm Nambu FMJs.

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You should not carry a particular type of ammunition until you have fired at least … I keep my bedside .357 revolver loaded with .38 Special+P Glasers, because I  …

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.38 Special or Colt Special – .38 Special is designed for revolvers. Revolvers designed to fire .38 Special should never be used to fire .357 Magnum ammunition.

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Best 22lr Handgun Ammo Jun 25, 2014 … This introduction to handgun calibers will help you answer these questions. … The .380 ACP is a step or two up in size from the .22LR. OK, I know that .22LR isn't the best option for self defense. My regular …. You could argue that a .22 pistol is better for

Ammo Category – 38 Special Ammo Ammo Quantity – 1000 rounds per box Bullet – 158 Grain Lead Round Nose (LRN) Ammo Casing – Brass

380 Ammo Manufacturers The ammo choice for such a pistol usually centered on … Today, the game has changed. Manufacturers have created quality .380 pistols that are not much larger than some of the bigger .25 Autos. When I combine price and quality, I keep coming up with … Items 1 – 16 of 54 … Bulk .380