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380 Ammo Test – Don't buy a Ruger LCP .380 without reading this!Jul 12, 2012 … At first, 380 ammo was difficult to find. Gone as soon as shelves were stocked. Its better now. It's not the most affordable ammo, but I still buy it. 98 thoughts on “ Why I won’t use or test .380 ACP “+P”

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The rules: The guns must be great shooters, reliable, good quality, and cost less than $650 USD new from a gun …. Reliably feeds every brand of 9mm ammo including Wolf and Blazers. … The FNX is so lighweight, it feels kind of cheap.

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– Hi Point C9 9mm – A Good, Cheap GunFeb 19, 2012 … Can you really get a good, reliable 9mm pistol for $150? Yeah! … and that added strength goes so far that all Hi Points are rated for +P ammo.

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Apr 1, 2015 … Don't underestimate Taurus for autos on a budget. ….. The advantage of 9MM over the rest with good self defense ammo like the Hornady …

Jul 8, 2015 … Subsonic 9x19mm ammo comes in two bullet weights, 147gr and 158gr. … That's not a feat achievable with 9mm from pistol and a good reason for 9mm … Il. However, it is cheap and available, unlike the S2k I ordered over a …

Sep 25, 2014 … Other expenses that come into play are ammo costs, training fees, gun … There are still a throng of reasons why the 9MM pistol is the best …

What is your favorite cheap target ammo for the Shield 9mm? A local box store … May not be the best decision to go with the cheapest ammo.

After switching from .45 to 9mm, and shooting a lot more than I did, I used to buy whatever was cheapest for 9mm. What I've noticed … I'm asking what off the shelf ammo consistently gives you the best groups? Back when I …