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Jan 7, 2014 … Check out the .380 vs 9mm debate and learn about when a .380 eats a … The best database of handgun performance I've yet seen comes from … More bullets win, because it's the number of rounds we can get on ….. If you think you're more accurate with a slug gun over a handgun, you're also not thinking.

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– Shooting subsonic in IDPA using 147gr in Reloading ForumMost of the top shooters favor 147 grain bullets in 9mm. … FMJ/TMJ target ammo for IDPA competition, and thought I would share the best prices. …. Again this load is very accurate out of my GP-100 and very soft shooting.

Jeff Cooper, USMC, Ret., once made the observation that the bullet is more important …. Accuracy is usually a welcome side benefit of purchasing premium ammunition. …. The 9mm round now acknowledged to work the best is a 124- grain to …

<< Page 1, 2 >> By Dan S. Defense Deadly, Accurate LEO +P 135gr 9mm Tactical Bonded Ammunition (LE9T5) What is the best self defense ammo?

– Now In 9mm: The Springfield Armory Range Officer | On Target …May 27, 2015 … The most accurate was Winchester Winclean 147-grain subsonic with a … to be capable of one-inch 25-yard groups with the ammo it likes best.

Apr 22, 2010 … Anyhow, I think 147gr bullets at 900fps or so could avoid this problem albeit … as many variables as possible will tell you what is best for your carbine. … The shape of the 9mm bullet isnt as aerodynamic as most rifle rounds.

what are your thoughts for the best 9mm defensive ammo? This is a discussion on what are your thoughts for the best 9mm defensive ammo? within the Defensive …

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The Glock 17 pistol listed by Glock as the single best selling handgun in their … was tempermental about the manufacture of ammo used, whereas the Glock (like all … If you're looking for a 9mm and want the most reliable, high capacity …

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Cabelas 380 Ammo If you’re tired of spending a week’s wages in order to shoot a few hundred rounds at the range, Federal has come up with a solution for you. American Eagle was … … Handgun Ammunition · 9MM Ammo .25 ACP Ammo .32 ACP Ammo .32 S&W Long Ammo .357 Magnum Ammo .357 SIG Ammo .380

The best most accurate semi-automatic handguns. Pistol Tips by Donald K. Burleson December 2010

Oct 26, 2013 … The Walther 9mm P 38, one of the most important handguns of World War II, is still a great … The Beretta is little if any more accurate than the Walther. … Since German military ammunition was by no means weak-kneed, the P 38 is fine for … These were produced for the French Army by my best information.

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Jun 27, 2014 … As most of you know, handgun bullets do nothing more than make holes. … Those seem to run the best of the lot. The S&W Bodyguard is usually fairly reliable, but the trigger pull is horrible and … I would rather see you guys carry either a slim 9mm auto (Kahr PM-9 or S&W Shield) than any .380 out there.