Best .45 Long Colt Ammo For Taurus Judge

The Taurus Judge is an example of such a firearm and is described below. … Which Gauge is best for a woman's home defense shotgun? …. A long cylinder, which allows individuals the capability to shoot either .45 long colt ammo or .410  …

Sportsman’s Guide has your HSM Bear Load .45+P Long Colt 300 Grain SP Handgun Ammo, 50 rounds available at a great price in our .45 Colt Ammo collection

Sep 12, 2012 … The Box o' Truth also has some good testing on the Judge showing it's … Finally, Youtube mega reviewer Hickok45 puts the Judge through it's … a shotgun for self defense I want it to be a long gun and chambered for 20 or 12 gauge. … than a 45acp with 45 colt ammo, and with 410 buckshot from federal …

.45 Long Colt as an SD round… This is a discussion on .45 Long Colt as an SD round… within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive …

Taurus "Raging Judge" Magnum revolver with a six inch barrel, chambered in . 454 … experiments to find rifling that worked well with both types of ammunition. … As with the original Jud…

The only 2 good purposes I heard for that taurus judge are close range pest control 10 yards or less … There are much better firearms in the 45 long colt caliber. … Naw Suh, it ain't, unless you restrict yourself to factory ammo.

410 shot for snakes and .45 long Colt for larger more dangerous animals like bear or … Taurus … Taurus Raging Judge in 20 gauge.

Sep 28, 2007 … The Taurus Judge is well-named. It will shoot a variety of .45 Colt and .410 shotgun rounds, including shot, … And it is a long arm, with the chance you can have it grabbed as you … Certainly, the best gun to use is always the one you have shot … So it was back to the store for the proper bullets and shells.

– Why the Judge is more powerful than you think… | Shooting The BullSep 3, 2013 … 7 Replies. In my recent review of the Taurus Judge Public Defender, … A .45 ACP pistol with a 3.3″ barrel; A .45 Colt pistol with a 2″ barrel.

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Feb 21, 2009 … I got the chance to shoot a Taurus Judge and jumped on it “like a rat on a Cheeto ” … a revolver that can shoot both .410 shot shells and .45 Long Colt ammo. … That's not good but I believe it's a fluke rather than a quality issue.

9mm Ammo Cost Per Round 9mm SecuriBlank – 50 rds box – 1000 rds per case … Lower range construction and maintenance costs … The environmentally-friendly rounds generate similar recoil and noise levels to duty ammunition and are available in 9 mm and 5.56 mm … 45 Acp Ammo Reviews Buy Rock Island Armory .45 ACP 1911 Standard CS – Pistol

Here Come da Judge: Taurus .45 Colt/.410 Bore Revolvers By Chuck Hawks. Taurus Judge revolver. Illustration courtesy of Taurus International. I have been asked to do …

Taurus Judge 45/410 Public Defender Revolver 2441021PFS, 410/45 Long Colt, 2 in, Poly Grip, Blue Finish, 5 Rd

Taurus-Taurus Judge 45/410, Matte Stainless 410 Ga(2 1/2")/45 LC/3" Barrel/Fiber Optic Sight-725327602125

The Taurus Public Defender .45 Colt/.410 Gauge Revolver features a compact design with a 2" blue steel barrel, a blue steel cylinder and ribbed rubber grips.

Magtech 380 Ammo Review Items 1 – 12 of 68 … 10 Review(s) … Magtech .38 Special 158 Grain LRN Training Ammunition … American Eagle 380 ACP 90 Grain FMJ Practice Ammunition. 1000 round case of 45 Auto Bonded JHP 230 Grain Hollow Point Ammo by Magtech Ammunition for sale at, the best online store for ammo sales, bulk ammo sold by the case at the best lowest prices for sale anywhere … 20 rds – 45 Long Colt Hornady Critical Defense 185 grain Hollow Point 92790 … for performance in the short-barreled platform of the Taurus Judge .