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Best .38 Special Ammo For Snub Nose

Best .38 Special Ammo For Snub Nose

Kimber debuted their new K6S stainless steel .357 snubby at the 2016 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas this week. In a departure from the new trend …

This load is among the most respected personal defense loads in 38 Special. … than most (factory velocity of 900 fps), and it expanded at 38 snubnose velocity.

Low prices on the Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight .38SPL start at Champion Firearms: Lightweight Personal Defense. The Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight is a hammerless …

A brief review of 4 defensive loads for your .38 Special revolver.

Feb 12, 2014 … The title says it all,I need some good recommendations of ammo for 38 special snub nose revolver.

Nov 16, 2010 … This is a review from Hand Guns on Loads for Snub Nose Revolvers. … We test five brands of ammo out of a two-inch revolver to measure expansion, velocity and accuracy. … I selected five .38 Special high-performance revolver rounds and … Fist-size handguns do their best work inside 10 yards–where a …

I have read it isn't good to shoot .38 special +p's in this gun, so I am really … As such, I load and keep in my .38's bullets ranging from a 152 …

Why carry a snub nosed revolver for self defense? … a handgun that still ranks as one of the best combinations of reliability, power and comfort in carry of any … Modern .38 Special +p ammunition from Federal, Remington, Speer, Cor-Bon and …

38 Special 158 gr FMJ – Military Ballistics Industries – 100 Rounds Ammo

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Sep 11, 2015 … Written by: Greg Ellifritz I recently received this question from a reader. Considering the popularity of the snub nose revolver as a carry.

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Even if trainers often overlook them, the snub revolver is a force to be reckoned with. The modern six-gun is a versatile tool with unmatched reliability.

Jan 15, 2015  · This video had me choose carrying 357 from my snubs over 38 special. Granted they didn’t test any BB, the 357 is moving a lot faster than 38’s out of the …

9 Deep-Cover Snub-Nose Revolvers from Taurus – Gun News – 9 Deep-Cover Snub-Nose Revolvers from Taurus A look at nine reliable Taurus snub-nose revolvers from .38 Special to .454 Casull!

.38 Special Snub Nose - Hornady Critical Defense Jug Test with Denim – Remington's Ultimate Defense 38 Special +P – GunsAmerica DigestMar 24, 2015 … Ammo Test: Remington's Ultimate Defense 38 Special +P … For this test, I decided to use a snub-nose revolver, a Ruger LCR 357. … the effect of sight picture and user error, I measured the best 3 in a number of 5-shot groups.

Chuck Taylor 9mm Ammo AmmoGuide is now… "Interactive"! – Displays graphic images of small-arms cartridges, histories, descriptions, specifications and nominal ballistics values. …. Chuck Taylor's got a G17 with around 300,000+ rounds through it. Chuck Hawks shares his conclusions about handgun ammunition and stopping … Jeff Cooper's Short Form, the Taylor Short Form and many other attempts at