9mm Ammo Cheaper Than 380

Nov 18, 2015 … Comparing the 9mm and 380 handgun pistol cartridges for … The 380 ACP is nothing other than a short 9mm (its German name, in fact, 9mm Kurtz … for JHP bullets in the 90- to 100-grain weight range while the 9mm (which is …

He said the 380 will fire in a 9mm, but won't cycle properly causing you to perform a malfuction … Snap caps would be cheaper than 380 ammo.

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Apr 10, 2012 … 9mm Versus The 45ACP AmmoLand YouTube Gun Reporter …. Just as a note, the Bersa .380 is marketed and boxed as a “less than lethal” firearm. …. (9mm), because 9mm is cheaper than .45 ACP, and in 9mm you can fully …

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.380 Auto vs 9MM For Defense – Guns & Ammo – .380 and 9mm are very close. .380 is my choise since compared to my 9mm is more concealable. But then I would be able to shoot the sob 16 times with the 9mm.

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Mar 23, 2015  · Review, including four test block shots, of the Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator, 9mm 115 grain solid copper ammo. This ammo is non-expanding, non …

The .380 is considerably less powerful than the 9mm, though still a decent ….. 5) Ammunition is more expensive, but that's not really a concern.

The .380 ACP continues to fill pockets or holsters among private citizens lawfully … and sell 380-caliber pistols a bit cheaper than for an equivalent quality 9mm.

Jul 17, 2012 … What matters even more than caliber is shot placement. … Like the .380, I would only carry these two calibers if I had a revolver that I could shoot both fast ….. Would the 9mm ammo be cheaper to purchase over the 40 & 45?

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Feb 19, 2012 … Can you really get a good, reliable 9mm pistol for $150? … low price, a Hi Point is every bit as reliable and tough as a more expensive handgun. …. Heavier bullets hit higher than lighter bullets because of two factors–recoil and dwell time. … Glock 42 Single-Stack .380 Micro-Pistol – New Gun Review…