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Brand new from Liberty Ammunition is their Civil Defense line of ammo. The bullets look like simple hollowpoints, but the secret is in their construction.

Jan 09, 2016  · Features 9mm vs. .40 Caliber The FBI’s decision to switch back to 9mm pistols and ammo is based on studies of wound ballistics and shooter performance.

– Canada Gun FAQ: General » Gun Owners' ResourceYes, as a holder of a POL you can buy all the ammo your little heart desires. … In order to buy any ammunition anywhere in Canada, you must have a valid Canadian PAL (or POL, if you still …… It comes with a 33 round 9mm glock magazine.

Items 1 – 25 of 88 … Ammo for sale in a variety of calibers including .223, .45, .308, 5.45×39, 7.62×25, 7.62×39, 7.62x54r, 8mm, 9mm makarov and others. See all …

9mm Luger Ammunition, 124gr FMJ by Centaure $14.95/50 9mm Luger Ammunition, 147gr FMJ by Centaure $15.50/50 38 Special …

This .960 Rowland review takes a look at the newest product offering from the people who brought you .460 Rowland. Check it out here.

Winchester Silvertip Handgun Ammo Review An Oregon man was bound by home invaders, but was able to break free and grab his gun, which possibly saved his life. Fox 12 Oregon reported that two women tied the senior citizen to a chair, where they then proceeded to rob him: One of the suspects … The panel determined the FBI-issued 9
Armscor Precision 9mm Ammo Review – Gun Contests | The Weapon BlogRuger Precision Rifle Giveaway … https://us.armscor.com/30yearguns; Kahr TP9 … FMK 9mm. Deadline: April 28, 2016. Added to list: February 8, 2016 … http:// oregunshooters.com/product-reviews/greyhound-tactical-solutions-ar-15/; Bravo … http://www.freedommunitions.com/Monthly-Ammo-Drawing-s/49383.htm. Knives. After 41 days of testimony in the North Gauteng High Court, Judge Masipa retired with her two assessors to review more

The author settles the argument many shooters have regarding whether the 5.56 and .223 are truly interchangeable.

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Mar 13, 2014 … Ammo-shortage theories are just like elbows—everybody has as least …. .223 cartridges, 9mm and 45 ACP are not that hard to find anymore, …

– Handgun Cartridges in Rifle Barrels – Shooting TimesNov 23, 2011 … For full-power loads, jacketed bullets generally do better in rifles than … The 147- grain bullet used in 9mm ammo generates under 1,000 fps …

Best Bang For Your Buck 9mm Ammo Maine Gun Dealer Hermon Maine near Bangor Guns Ammo Accessories Buy Sell Trade Firearms. home | about … The best gun shop in Maine with 400+ new and used guns in stock. We have the … THE LOWEST IN MAINE MEANS MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! WE ALSO …. Glock 43 G43 9mm Sticky Holsters

Lots of ammo just came in yesterday! Check our website for details & here are some highlights: Barnaul 9mm Luger – 1000 ROUNDS – $289

Apr 27, 2015 … I called Gordon McGowan in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at his Mil Arm CO … 300 win mag, 30-30, 5.56/223, 9mm and plenty of 12ga buckshot.

Ammo- American Eagle 9mm Luger Automatic Pistol 147 GR FMJ Flat AE9FP, 8920 … Ammo- Barnaul 115gr FMJ .9mm Ammo #2317563, 60365.