45 Acp Ammo Comparasons

– Handgun Round With the Best Stopping Power | Dury's Gun ShopIn 1985, the US military replaced the .45 ACP with the 9mm round for its standard … For this reason, jacketed hollow point (JHP) ammo is the only realistic choice for …. 135 gr 1600 FPS 10mm no comparison it's devastating 765 fps of energy …

Sep 7, 2012 … KEYWORDS: 45acp; 9mm; banglist … and combat veterans, there is no comparison between the 9mm and the more effective .45. … a 9mm with some high tech DRT frangible ammo over a 45 in most civilian carry situations.

Dec 2, 2014 … However, I'm with you on the comparison of over-penetration versus expansion. … What he fired was a .45-ACP and a 9mm – FMJ-round.

CCI Blazer 45 ACP 230gr TMJ Handgun Ammo … Add to Comparison … Caliber: 45 ACP; Grain: 230; Bullet: TMJ; Muzzle Velocity: 845 fps; Rounds Per Box: 50 …

Nov 27, 2013 … (I did a comprehensive comparison between the two gelatin products …… As for a .45 ACP Ammo Quest, I do have that on the long-range radar.

Winchester 124gr 9mm Ammo Dec 26, 2014  · I must admit, I was caught a bit by surprise when Winchester’s W Train & Defend ammo was named TTAG’s Readers Choice for Best New Ammo of 2014. This is not loaded ammunition. … HORNADY 9MM (.355) 115gr FMJ BULLET RN 3000/CS … HORNADY 9MM(.355)124gr HP/XTP BULLET HollowPt 100/BX. Ventura Tactical 9mm